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You may think I’m crazy here.  But it’s obvious that this is happening.  Marijuana will become legal some time within the next few years.  Marijuana -and all other illegal drugs to a lesser extent - has become the cause for George Soros and he has already had great success before Obama came into power.

It won’t happen right away.  They know that they need to establish the socialism slowly here in the U.S.  But as I mentioned before, it needs some turmoil and chaos to set root and begin to grow.  President Obama’s best friend William Ayers says he supports anarchy.  I wonder how long before we will see the influence of Ayers on the Obama policies?

But back to the subject -marijuana.  Obama smoked marijuana for many years.  He may still smoke weed for all we know.  Nobody ever bothered to ask him.  If you didn’t realize it, George Soros began fundraising for Obama in his US Senate run and then continued it through his presidential run.  The LaRouche Political Action Committee has a very good synopsis of the Soros - Obama relationship.  Soros has built great influence with Obama and he will be looking to wield some power.  If you are interested to read the details of the relationship on the LaRouche site please click here.  Soros has spent millions of dollars already in California, Arizona, Nevada, and several other states.

“We’re in this for the long haul,” says University of Phoenix’s Sperling. “We’re on a roll.” Among other things, they plan to retry initiatives in Maine, Nevada and Colorado, where technicalities prevented them from getting on the ballot last time. –George Soros’s Long Strange Trip

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